Dead Poets Society Broke Me

Carpe diem. Seize the day. Like so many others, I adopted the motto after seeing Dead Poets Society for the first time so very many years ago. It came out just a few months before my 15th birthday, and it had a major impact on me just as much as it did with the impressionable young men in the film. It still has an effect on me 29 years later, but for far different reasons. The following is more about me than it is about the film.

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There Will Be Blood…in the Back Row

Okay, maybe not. I went into the discussion of There Will Be Blood thinking that we were going to spar a little bit, but it turned out that we were eye-to-eye on this a lot more than I would have assumed. It doesn’t make for the deepest or most thorough conversation or analysis, but we came to a surprise revelation at the end.

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